Monday, April 7, 2014

Sarah Gervais and Spanking Enthusiasm

According to Sarah J. Gervais,

...people are sometimes seen and treated as objects.  This process is called objectification and occurs when people are treated as things instead of people.  Specifically, when a person's body parts or functions are separated from the person, reduced to the status of instruments, or regarded as capable of representing the entire person, he or (most often) she is said to be objectified....

...women are sexually objectified in many contexts...more recent inquiries represent sexual objectification as a specific type of appearance-focus concentrated on sexual body parts that also emerge during everyday interactions.  According to objectification theory, when sexually objectified, a woman's sexual body parts or functions are separated from her person for the use of another...sexual objectification emerges when people focus on women's appearances, bodies, sexual body parts or sexual functions more than their faces and other non-observable attributes, such as thoughts, feelings and desires. 
And, Feminists uniformly consider what they call "objectification" and "sexual objectification" to be naughty.

Around Valentine's Day, though, many Feminists (and other women) enjoy the image of the Valentine's Day Heart:

The Valentine's Day Heart would fall within Miss Gervais' description of objectification:  a person's body part (the heart) separated from the person, reduced to the status of an instrument, and capable of representing the entire person.  However, the Valentine's Day Heart doesn't resemble a heart in the least.

Rather, the Valentine's Day Heart looks a lot like a representation of the female buttocks.

The Feminists will swoon and faint at the sight of the female buttocks being used as instruments of percussion.  However, behold this follow-up video

While the gents may be excited at first, and the Feminists will certainly scowl, it is revealed--towards the end of the video--that one-half of the buttocks here are male, which should make the performance acceptable for Feminists. At the end, the cast members hold up signs which read: "Misogynistic? Abusive? Degrading? Porn? Violent? Racist?"  And, then they throw the signs into the air, as if to say "In your face, Feminists!"  It is too bad that they forgot to include a sign that reads "Sexual Objectification?"

Shall we conclude with a song?

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