Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jungle Fever

In my preceding post, Interracial Relationships in the United States, I discussed the growing number of White women marrying (or otherwise engaging in romantic and sexual relationships with) Black men: a phenomenon often called "Jungle Fever."

In that post, I characterized Dr. William Lee Howard, who wrote The Negro as a Distinct Ethnic Factor in Civilization, as a revolting racist who was ashamed of the inadequate size of his paltry privy member.  I have since reviewed the Feminist literature and websites, and have found no Feminist objection to "Jungle Fever."  Some White men, who share Dr. Howard's prejudices, do feel threatened, as do some Black women.  For example, one blogger who writes under the pseudonym TruthAngel07, wrote:
How Black Women Got Conned By White Feminism

Back in the 1970’s, millions of white women burned their bras in defiance for being bored housewives. They created a movement basically convincing women that being a stay at home mother was terrible and damn white men for treating them like queens. White women became the trick that convinced many Black women that they didn’t need Black men and for those who were naive enough to believe this lie; the White Feminist movement became the biggest con of all to try and subjugate and dominate Black women in a way that slavery, White Supremacy or Black men never could. The objective: To take her away from the Black man.

For the most part, the majority of Black women never bought into feminism. Black women have always worked and in Africa; the woman was esteemed.

What was the con? The White Feminist movement tricked some Black women into fighting for something they already had: FREEDOM. There is an old cliche that speaks to this: “The only two things that are free in America are a black woman and a white man.”

White women can’t stand Black women–many fear us. However, they don’t mind using Black women, particularly those naive enough to buy into dome pseudo-sisterhood that quite frankly, is the ultimate oxymoron.

What do we see today?

Black men and women at odds. And who’s in bed with the Black man, sistahs? WHITE WOMEN!

During the 1970s, the white woman told the black woman to “get out of the kitchen”, get on the birth control pill, get an abortion and stop having babies; because women should not be “barefoot pregnant, and in a hot kitchen.”

But, 25 years later, these SAME White, Feminist women are now sleeping with black men, cooking for black men, marrying Black men and seeking to have half-Black children….duh!!!!!

This, and this alone proves how black women have been tricked out of their own men by Women’s Lib’...the same way Eve was tricked by the snake in the Garden of Paradise. This should teach us all a lesson.

A woman’s place is at home; and if we don’t say this, then how will women ever know what their proper place is while Feminists are in the media, all day and night, telling women otherwise?!!

Since Black women deserted Black Liberation and Black men, White women simply adopted him like he was a poor, lost, lonely stray puppy. This is best typified by the epic movie Jungle Fever....

...I wrote an article on this blog speaking to the image of our community asking why they are promoting Interracial unions between Whites and Blacks; and I started thinking about all of the imagery and political ploys that have been directed at our community over a generation that was designed to subliminally tear the Black family apart. But why? What is White America so afraid of? Does the image of strong, happy, successful, Black people scare White folks that bad? You have to think deep as to the WHY on this one: BLACK POWER!!! And Black unity is a threat to White Supremacy.
Okay, fine.  I'll state the obvious.  Miss Truthangel07 is a despicable, disgusting racist who feels sorry for herself because she can't get any cock.  Obviously.  Otherwise, she wouldn't be spending her time complaining about it on the internet.  The anti-miscegenation laws ended almost 50 years ago, and people may have coitus with whom they please (provided the coitus is, at least officially, uncompensated; all parties have attained the "legal age of consent"; the coitus involves no rape nor coercion; and, depending upon the jurisdiction, no participant is married to anyone else).  Black women are no longer able to keep Black penises all to themselves.  It wasn't Feminism, but rather desegregation, and the end of official apartheid in the United States, which broke up that monopoly.  Lots of White chicks really like Black men,

and the Asian-American ladies agree.

When a commodity (such as a Black man's cock) is rare and in high demand, its market price goes up.  See my earlier post on economics.  Black men have something that a lot of women, whether Black, White or Asian, want, and the women are just going to have to work that much harder at being sweet and seductive to get what they want.  Competition is tight.  Some Black women are coming up short, and blaming White Feminists for taking their men.  Such women really ought to focus their efforts on trying to learn what it is that men want, and on figuring out how to deliver it.  Here's a hint: you'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.  See, for example, this clip from Diary of a Tired Black Man:

A man shouldn't feel compelled to marry or to remain with a shrewish woman, merely because her skin tone matches his.  A man should find a woman who pleases him, and who makes him happy.  That is all that matters.  Nothing else. 

Contrary to Miss TruthAngel07's accusation that "White Feminist women are now sleeping with Black men, cooking for Black men, marrying Black men and seeking to have half-Black children":  if Black men are actually taming the White Feminists, then more power to them.  That's quite an accomplishment.

As mentioned in a prior post, the Feminists produced a rather long list (which, nonetheless, was "not intended to be exhaustive or exclusive") of demands concerning the behavior of husbands in heterosexual marriages (and of men in other types of heterosexual relationships).  The very first edict on the list, of course, is:  "Do 50% (or more!) of housework. You need to do your share of housework all the time, of your own accord, without procrastinating, without being asked, without making excuses." Item Number 3 is interesting: "In whatever your interests are -- French cinema, astrophysics, baseball, birdwatching -- ensure that women’s voices and women’s cultural products are represented in what you are consuming. If they are not, make an effort to seek them out!"  Now that sounds like a really good reason to watch some belly dancing, and to give our Patriarchal Gaze some exercise.  Note that Feminists have no similar list of suggestions for women to follow in order to please men.  Quite the opposite.  Which leaves women relying on grocery store magazines for advice.

Really?  Sixty-seven new sex tricks?  It sounds more like a professional journal for serious harlots.

If it is true, as Miss Truthangel07 proclaims, that White Feminists are sleeping with, cooking for, and marrying Black men (who have a lot of options), then perhaps it is the Black man's enchanted rod which is taming the savage breast.

Otherwise, it just seems completely out of the Feminist character.

But even Black American men, who are at the top of America's sexual hierarchy, feel frustrated with American women, and are high-tailing it to Brazil, as illustrated in Al Greeze's powerful documentary film, Frustrated.

Some selected gems from Frustrated:
--Women are noticing that their men are crossing the borders to find happiness, romance, or even just someone to have a good time and hang out with....

--I met guys who would love to come down here.  And I tell them:  "You don't want to come down to Rio, because if you do, you're going to come back thinking  'How can I get rid of her?'  This will change your thinking of women down here...Take you wife on an Alaskan cruise.  Don't bring her to Rio, because you're going to come back seriously depressed when you hit the states."

 --A lot of times, you know, the women keep themselves up here.  They take care of themselves.  And they take care of the Brothers, too.  A lot of Brothers come here, because instead of taking someone with baggage on a trip,  when a Nigger comes to a place where they can pay a quarter of the cost, have access to nice beaches, beautiful women, good food, and brothers can come and chop it up.  Relax.

--I have several friends who have up and moved to Brazil, and I have found that the relationship levels there are totally different than here.  They find that the women are definitely much more, uh, I don't want to use the word "subservient", because that's not what it is.  I would say more caring of them and who they are, and respect them as men, and treat them as such.  And it has nothing to do with how much they make.  It has nothing to do with anything else than them just being a man.

--I see a lot of Black American women come here.  They hold their heads down because they can't hold a candle to these chicks down here.  Because they take care of themselves.  They're sexy in what they wear, how they carry themselves.

--I work hard, you know, in the state and in the city that I live in.  You don't get embraced.  I leave America and come here.  Brazil is a nice country.  She gives me warmth.  Embraces me.  I came here and I met the "natives" if you will, and the  respect--not admiration, but just the respect factor, man.  I come here now, because the women treat me like the man that I know that I am.  See, back home, you gotta buy all that.  I have to buy your respect.  I gotta buy your time.  You can't take a sister out back home, man, with nothing.  To me, a lot of the sisters who are working are, to me, gravitating toward  negative guys.  You know, pants hanging down.  Hair every which way.  To me, that's not being a man.   If you can work, pay your bills, and be responsible, and be a productive member of society, then that makes you a decent man.  Women don't seem to like that any more.

--I do think the ladies here could teach the American women some things about how to treat your man.  Because the drama is just not here with them.  I mean, even though they know we're transient, they don't come to you with drama all the time.  I mean, in the States within a week I'd be getting all the drama and all the baggage and I'd be like "man, we've only known each other for a couple of days, you know, and you hit me with your bad credit, your messed up marriages", and I'm looking at all this stuff, and I tell women who tell me they've been married four or five times, I say "What you need to say  is that you've been divorced four or five times.  That tells a person more about you than to say 'I've been married four or five times.'"  Something could have happened to the guy.  He could have died.  But if you tell me that you've been divorced four or five times, that tells me that you have relationship problems. 
And, it certainly isn't just the Black gents who are lured by the charms of the Brazilian garotas.  Here is Arnold on the subject:

...To Brazilians, especially men, the Mulata is the symbol of everything sexy and erotic.  During Carnival, hordes of Mulata bodies begin to move in ways that a fitness expert like myself can't believe.  One thing I do believe:  they must be very healthy....

...After watching the Mulatas shake it, I can absolutely understand why Brazil is totally devoted to my favorite body part:  the ass.  Especially during Carnival...  
A man who doesn't appreciate the Brazilian bundas, and especially the bundas mulatas, has to be either asexual or gay.  The popular TLC television show 90 Day Fiance featured an American-Brazilian couple.

No way was that guy going to find a wife like that, anywhere in the United States.

And, whilst middle-class American men, both Black and White, are exploring their options in Brazil, what are the economically-successful and upper-class Black men getting for themselves?  The celebrities, sports heroes, and Supreme Court justices?



White chicks, assuredly.  And, other than Clarence Thomas, really hawt White chicks.  In light of the revelations associated with the Anita Hill fiasco, I'm surprised that Mr. Thomas hasn't yet dumped her for a Victoria's Secret model.  Speaking of Miss Hill, she is still single, as is Condoleeza Rice (who has reportedly taken up Lesbianism).

With so many Black American women ending up high and dry, more of them probably ought to give some thought to some of the comments from the gents in the Frustrated documentary, and consider steps that they might take to make themselves more appealing to men.  Don't get angry and defensive, and forget about that outdated "Black Power" nonsense.  None of that is going to help.  "Miscegenation" in the United States officially began when Pocahontas married John Rolfe, and has been continuing ever since.  As previously discussed, most African-Americans have at least some European ancestry, and the majority of Americans with African ancestry are classified as White.  At one time, African Americans with light skin (as a result of European ancestry) were called "High Yellow" (see, for example, the movie, High Yellow).  Here is how Time Magazine described the great French writer, Alexandre Dumas, in 1929:

 The Man. Quadroon son of a black-mothered father, Napoleon's reckless General Alexandre Dumas, born in July 1802, was blue-eyed, thick-lipped, with fairish, crisply negroid hair. His skin's yellow was so high it was almost white.
And, indeed, the original lyrics to the iconic Southern song, The Yellow Rose of Texas, went like this:
There’s a Yellow girl in Texas
That I'm going down to see;
No other Darkies know her,
No Darkie, only me;
She cried so when I left her
That it like to broke my heart,
And if I only find her,
We never more will part.

Chorus: She's the sweetest girl of colour
That this Darkie ever knew;
Her eyes are bright as diamonds,
And sparkle like the dew.
You may talk about your Dearest Mae,
And sing of Rosa Lee,
But the Yellow Rose of Texas
Beats the belles of Tennessee.
Of course, nowadays the term "Yellow", as an ethnonym, refers generally to Asians rather than to light-skinned people of mixed European-African ancestry.  The phrase "Yellow Fever" now popularly refers to White men who like Asian women, rather than to White men who might take pleasure in attending a Quadroon Ball

And, speaking of Yellow Fever, lots of Asian men are consequently being left single.

I suspect that earlier generations would have characterized the wife in the above video as "Yellow."  Anyway, more Black women really should consider "crossing the color line."  Matching more Asian men with Black women would probably benefit both populations.  Other than that, my only suggestion would be either to follow Miss Rice's example and take up Lesbianism, or to get yourself a Sybian.

Here is the Mighty Sparrow, with our closing hymn.


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